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Welcome to an entirely new category of advanced skincare now available for resale to your clients and guests in the US! You’ve read and heard about collagen-based “cosmetic drinks” and other liquid form products available in Asia and Europe, but until now, these products remained and were consumed overseas. As the exclusive importer and distributor of Swiss-formulated Skinside, we are proud to present this unique, premium quality drinkable skincare product to US-based professionals dedicated to serving the skincare needs of their clients at the highest level.


The enormous advantage of adding Skinside to your array of available products is that not only are you providing your clients with an extraordinary INSIDE daily skincare regimen, but you won’t need to replace or displace the range of topical OUTSIDE products that are already successfully selling for you. If you provide advanced skincare services like laser and other medical treatments to stimulate collagen production, the post-treatment sale of boxes of Skinside is a very cost effective reinforcement of those services. Skinside is effectively your client’s “insurance policy” to keep the positive effects of their treatment lingering until the next time they visit. 

Welcome to VIP access to a customer care support team comprised of a range of skincare industry professionals, including licensed aestheticians and nurses who are here to help educate you and your customers. We are waiting to answer any questions you may have. Welcome to repeat customers and increased retail sales. Welcome to an affordable, great tasting drinkable collagen product that actually improves skin with fine Swiss precision. Welcome to the world of Skinside Beauty Shots!


The Skinside US Team



  • Resale channels limited to select retail and professional services locations such as medical practices and spas, destination spas, salons, and other premium skincare service locations.
  • Our policy is to NEVER compete with our resellers.  We only sell on this site at retail price with NO price discounts of any kind at any time.  We are here to support YOUR sales. 
  • We do NOT permit or authorize the resale of Skinside products on any third party commercial websites without the written consent of Skinside US. Skinside US will never itself sell on any third party website that might compete with our resellers, and monitors ALL online activity to ensure that retail price integrity is maintained. Any instance where a reseller is found to list Skinside products for sale at less than designated retail pricing risks the loss of all ongoing resale privileges.
  • Attractive gross margins reviewed by our sales representative.


  • Ideal combination of 2500 mg of purified hydrolysed collagen with Vitamins C, E, and B3; Swiss milk serum adds vital skin enhancing micronutrients, as well as gives Skinside a unique “Swissness” unmatched by any competitive product.
  • Formulated by Dr Pierre Schwaller of Switzerland, a long time food scientist with extensive experience working with multinational food and beverage giants to create innovative products.  The Swiss team understands the importance of what a beverage like a Skinside Beauty Shot needs to have for it to be a compelling offer that encourages recurring sales – a strong combination of premium quality, effectiveness, great taste, and affordability. 
  • Beautiful, premium, embossed packaging, with each box containing sixteen (16) 60 ml (2 fl oz) Beauty Shots.  Each shrink-wrapped box weighs 3.0 pounds.
  • No refrigeration or special handling required.  No side effects from usage as directed (i.e., one daily 60 ml (2 fl oz) Beauty Shot).
  • Skinside is a global brand, already sold successfully in Europe and Asia, and now reaching into other continents. 
  • Simple to educate. Simple to demonstrate and sample. Simple to sell.  Repeat sales. 
  • Perfect INSIDE complement to the OUTSIDE topicals and services you already sell.  No need to lose the investments made in previous products and staff training.
  • Fulfillment from central warehouse in Chicago, IL


  • Identification of your location on our various social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter; we write a “welcome announcement” on these platforms to bring attention to your location(s) and encourage your clients to visit and buy Skinside from you
  • Well written, attractive Point of Sale brochure
  • Attractive tabletop Point of Sale display to draw attention and highlight product.
  • 5’ tall pop-up banner available for Point of Sale to attract attention to your display of Skinside boxes and materials
  • Dedicated account representation, with reps being added nationally 
  • Advertising in national publications including American Spa
  • Ongoing efforts to promote with video bloggers to encourage Skinside purchase
  • Ongoing public relations efforts to keep Skinside covered in US media channels
  • Educational marketing materials
  • Online marketing support database (in development)
  • Online ordering through designated portal using custom login (in development)


  • Natural flavors, colors, and sweeteners ONLY. Gluten-free.
  • Recyclable PET bottle for each Beauty Shot.