•  Q. What is Skinside and why should I drink daily Beauty Shots?
  • A.  Skinside is a delicious tasting drinkable collagen daily supplement in the very fast growing skincare category called “liquid nutricosmetics.” Formulated in Switzerland and now available in the US, imported Skinside is a proven and effective new way of delivering purified, high grade collagen directly into your body to cumulatively restore and maintain a more supple, youthful look to your skin.

    Drinkable collagen supplement sales have exploded across Asia and Europe, and Skinside is among the very first and best brands to sell here in the US. Skinside already successfully markets and sells products in both Asian and European countries. While international cultures have long embraced the concept of "beauty from within," it is only recently that Americans have really tapped into the idea that external beauty is strongly correlated with a holistic internal focus. There is an increasing awareness of the role of nutrition and proper diet in the ongoing health and maintenance of the skin.

    Rather than taking multiple hard-to-digest capsules or mixing clumsy powders, you drink a daily 2 fl oz Skinside Beauty Shot that contains the exact right amount of purified collagen - 2500 mg - pre-blended and hydrated with key vitamins and Swiss milk serum. Each daily Beauty Shot works within your body's natural flow and poses no side effects, passing intact through your digestive system to help improve skin's texture and appearance across the entire body, not just on the face and neck.

    Skinside is great tasting drinkable natural skincare that works from the inside at the dermal layer, while you continue to use whatever topical skincare you have always used for the outside epidermal layer. It’s the ultimate INSIDE-OUTSIDE complement!

    Cross section of major skin layers, showing the operation and effect of an ingestible collagen supplement like Skinside and its impact on replenishing and strengthening the collagen integrity of the dermal matrix. Skinside’s use of purified bioactive collagen peptides is reinforced by optimal dosages of Vitamins C, E, and B3 that positively affect collagen’s helix structure and DNA.

  •  Q. Why are Skinside drinkable Beauty Shots superior to both collagen capsules and powders?
  • A. Bottom line: Drinking Skinside Beauty shots isn't just a cool, convenient, delicious way to supplement and stimulate your skin's critical collagen reserves; but is also scientifically the BEST delivery method to make sure the nutrients feeding the body are best absorbed and used within the body. The liquid form is easiest to digest, and most effective in delivering nutrients to their intended target.

    Many users, and even doctors, have confirmed to us what we already knew: Given a choice between a solid capsule form or a drinkable liquid that performs the same functions, a significant majority will choose to drink their supplement. To reach the same 2500 mg of bioactive collagen contained in just one daily Skinside Beauty Shot, a user would likely need to swallow at least 3-5 capsules, a task not enjoyed by most people. If dealing with powders, a user has to be concerned with whether they "scooped" the right amount into the right amount of water, a shake or whichever solvent they prefer. It's messy and it's imprecise.

    If the practical issues of convenience and Swiss precision aren't enough to persuade you, listen to the medical experts. In his landmark findings published in the May 2015 entry of The Wallach Files, Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer describes his "Evaluation of Liquid Vitamin-Mineral Supplement Technology."


    Dr. Schrauzer explains the meaning of bioavailability so no one is left confused:

    ""Bioavailability is defined as the proportion of a nutrient in food that can be absorbed and made available for use and storage; absorption is the physiological process that permits passage of a dietary nutrient from the intestinal lumen to the body fluids and tissues (Bender, 1989). Because bioavailability is a prerequisite of absorption, solid supplements must be soluble in the stomach fluid. Most supplements are formulated to meet this requirement, but their increasing complexity makes solubility difficult to achieve.""

    Key statements relevant to the liquid form factor of Skinside Beauty Shots, compared to solid forms like capsules and powders that are not "pre-hydrated:"

    "Liquid supplements contain the nutrients in a more highly bioavailable form, are gentler to the stomach, and....are more suitable than solid supplements."

    "In the liquid supplements, the vitamins and minerals are already dissolved and therefore are immediately bioavailable. Furthermore, the liquid supplements usually are acidic; specifically, they are formulated to contain citric acid, ascorbic acid, and other substances that increase the bioavailability of minerals, such as carbohydrates (glucose, lactose), polyols (sorbitol), amino acids (arginine, lysine), vegetable gums, peptides, and emulsifying agents. Solid vitamin-mineral preparations instead contain inert excipients and are usually buffered so as not to cause gastric discomfort on ingestion, although this may reduce mineral bioavailability."

    Now are you convinced that the drinkable Skinside Beauty Shot is the right daily collagen supplement for you?!

  •  Q.  Can I drink Skinside any time of day? On an empty stomach? Does it need refrigeration? Shaking or mixing?
  • A.  A Skinside Beauty Shot can be consumed any time of day or night, provided you do not exceed one bottle per 24-hour period. It does not matter whether you drink it on an empty or full stomach. Skinside bottles do not require refrigeration, as long as the product is kept at normal room temperature and out of excessive heat for prolonged periods. Of course, a cold Beauty Shot might actually be refreshing first thing in the morning!

    The convenience of having a perfectly blended 60 ml (2 fl oz) collagen beverage that supplies the body with all the correctly proportioned ingredients it needs means that the product needs no shaking or mixing. There is no sediment or grit because each Beauty Shot is homogeneous. Open one safety sealed recyclable bottle, enjoy drinking the contents, and correctly dispose. Nothing else needed!

  •  Q.  How does Skinside taste? Does it have any hint of a medicine or other unpleasant flavor?
  • A.  Each Skinside Beauty Shot is a joy to drink either chilled or at room temperature because the formulators of the product understand that a daily consumable beverage product MUST be great tasting if it is to be regularly used. Skinside has a basic fruity taste, without any artificial flavors or sweeteners, and no hint whatsoever of a medicine or other undesirable flavor. It flows like water, without any thick or chunky, chalky kind of residue common with other drinkable collagen products.

    The Swiss team has extensive backgrounds in beverage and food product development with major companies like Nestle and Coca Cola, and thus understands what it takes to make a consumable product successful.

  •  Q.  Can I safely drink Skinside Beauty Shots every day? Will I experience any side effects?
  • A. Skinside can be consumed every day with no adverse side effects. We recommend a single 60 ml (2 fl oz) Beauty Shot as the ideal amount to ingest in a 24-hour period. The Swiss formulators intentionally developed the Skinside formula to be as focused as possible – one day, one Beauty Shot.

  •  Q.  Is Skinside a natural product? Does it contain gluten? Is it fat-free? Cholesterol-free? What if I have lactose intolerance? What if I am diabetic?
  • A. Skinside contains natural ingredients, including natural flavors, sweeteners, and colors. It is tested gluten-free, and its core ingredients are certified both Kosher and Halal. The formula contains zero (0) fat or cholesterol, and is just 30 calories per Beauty Shot. The small amount of Swiss milk serum adding critical micronutrients to the product contains just 480 mg lactose in a single daily Beauty Shot. Such a small trace of lactose will not affect most people with a known lactose intolerance.

    If concerned, please check with your medical professional before starting a regimen of Skinside Beauty Shots. As a related side note, in China where many are known to have a lactose intolerance, there have been no reports of negative lactose reactions from resellers or users of Skinside.

    If you are pregnant, diabetic or suffer from any other known illness affected by ingredients in Skinside, it is always best to consult with a medical professional before starting any daily regimen of drinkable Beauty Shots. While we neither make medical claims nor can offer medical advice, what we do know is that the amount of natural sugar (5 grams) in a 60 ml (2 fl oz) Beauty Shot is well below what would normally be considered dangerous for diabetics.

  •  Q. Why did the Swiss formulators choose the ingredients they did to complement the 2500 mg hydrolyzed collagen core?
  • A.  As we all know, the Swiss are known for their precision in the products they produce, whether it’s with their premium watches or any other product. With that same focus and intensity, the Skinside team formulated the Beauty Shot to complement the 2500 mg hydrolyzed collagen core with key vitamins and nutrients that reinforce the positive effects of the collagen.

    Remember, as we all age, collagen is still naturally produced in the body, but at a progressively slower rate. It is this natural decline in the production of collagen that is chiefly responsible for the wrinkling and creasing of the skin as we age. It’s the Skinside mission to stimulate and restore that production rate to a level it maintained at a younger age. Moreover, Skinside supplements that improved production rate with even greater amounts of viable, purified collagen.

    Specifically, Vitamins C and E are well known for their antioxidant properties, and naturally help stimulate collagen production in the body. The white paper describes in scientific terms how these vitamins actually interact with Skinside’s hydrolyzed collagen.

    Niacin (Vitamin B3) and the impact of the micronutrients in Swiss milk serum are also described fully in the white paper. All active ingredients blend into a 60 ml (2 fl oz) water base to create the most advanced liquid nutricosmetic product in the world.

  •  Q. I already use a number of other favorite skincare products like serums and moisturizers. Will Skinside negatively interact with what I have used for years on my skin?
  • A. In addition to its large collection of scientific and practical advantages over other brands and forms of collagen supplements, Skinside Beauty Shots have another big advantage.

    Skinside works exclusively within your body's bloodstream to both supplement and stimulate Pro-Collagen Type I at the level of the skin's dermis, or inner layer. Remember that skin is the body's largest organ. All organs need the right nutrition to function at their peak performance levels. Drinking daily Beauty Shots will NOT interfere with your pre-existing routine of using certain skin serums, creams, moisturizers, or other topical products. Those topicals operate almost exclusively at the level of the epidermis, or outermost layer of the skin.

    By using both an internal AND external skincare routine, you are essentially "double-teaming" your efforts to improve your skin in a very significant way. Remember – Skinside’s purified collagen affects the dermis in the ENTIRE body, so it’s not just the visible face and neck areas that benefit from daily use.

    Each type of product – topical and drinkable - serves its own purpose independent of the other, but when used in concert, Skinside and your topical products combine to make your skin even more supple and attractive than it might be if just one type of product were used. In other words, Skinside and your topical skincare products complement each other's performance and functionality.

  •  Q. I actively use aesthetic services like laser treatments and peels to maintain my skin’s appearance. Why would I want to use a product like Skinside when I already pay for these other services?
  • A.  Many of our customers regularly visit their local dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or med spa for any variety of aesthetic services like fillers, chemical peels, or laser treatments to help build collagen reserves. We encourage those customers to keep doing these treatments if they experience great results in a safe way.

    Remember that all of these procedures work from the outside-in. Laser treatments like Ultherapy perform at the skin’s surface in the same function as Skinside in stimulating the body's production of new collagen. Isn't it obvious that a natural, premium drinkable collagen supplement working from the INSIDE of the body will only help to reinforce the actions of these kinds of OUTSIDE medical procedures?

    If you have just invested $2,000-$5,000 or more in one or more of these office treatments, does it not make sense to invest less than $160 per month to ensure that the effects of your treatments linger as long as possible between office visits? Think of Skinside as your daily "insurance policy" to maintain the ongoing investment in your appearance.

  •  Q.  I've heard of products like a 16 oz bottle product available at certain mass merchant stores that use a range of skin-enhancing ingredients claiming to help build collagen in the body. What makes Skinside better than these kinds of beverages?
  • A. With the popular trend of beverages targeting everything from energy to weight loss, it was a matter of time before marketing types created mass market beverages that claimed to support skincare. The most important distinction between any of these newly marketed products and Skinside is simple:

    Does the cheaper, mass market beverage actually contain collagen of ANY type that is delivered into the skin’s dermis? Or is it a 16 oz bottle of flavored water that contains a hodge podge of random ingredients that are known to support general skin health?

    If you want to supplement and stimulate collagen in your bloodstream, drink a product already containing the best version and dosage of purified collagen as its PRIME ingredient. Accepting less than that standard is a recipe for disappointment and wasted money.

  •  Q.  Once I start drinking a daily Beauty Shot, how soon can I expect to see and feel real effects on my skin's appearance?
  • A.  As described in other answers, most Skinside users notice a difference in their skin's texture and appearance within a 4-8 week period of drinking a daily 60 ml (2 fl oz) Beauty Shot. Remember that Skinside is not intended as a "miracle" beverage where you drink one or two bottles, and you have some instant effects of wrinkles disappearing. Even commonly sold “freezing serums” applied topically have a temporary effect (a few hours) on wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

    Skinside’s effects are cumulative, meaning that as more collagen is ingested daily, the impact of the purified collagen peptides becomes more noticeable. This is not to say that Skinside will restore a user who is 45 years old into the 25-year old version of themselves.

    The effects are more subtle, usually described by users as a softening of the skin and more of a “fullness” to the face. These changes are often accompanied in more than 70% of tested users by skin wrinkles and creases appearing less pronounced than before a daily Skinside regimen began.

    Of course, in addition to a regular Beauty Shot regimen, good nutrition, hydration, and adequate sleep all affect skin health as well. Avoiding the obvious damage caused by alcohol, smoking, excessive sun exposure, and other destructive behaviors is always helpful.

  •  Q.  Where can I buy Skinside? How soon will my local spa or aesthetic services provider have it for sale at their location?
  • A. Our mission is to ensure that as many American premium retail and aesthestic service providers as possible have the ability to sell Skinside Beauty Shots at their locations. If your preferred provider doesn’t yet stock Skinside, let them know you want to be able to buy your boxes at their location and take them home.

    As we build our reseller network across the US, we are adding them to our Location Finder page . In the meantime, if your area doesn’t have a local reseller nearby, buy your Skinside Beauty Shots from our website on this page . We do not discount or otherwise compete with our resellers on price or promotions. We are making Skinside Beauty Shots available on this site to everyone until we have sufficient nationwide brick & mortar distribution.



  •  Q.  How do I become a Skinside authorized reseller and set up a new account?
  • A. We actively encourage owners and managers/directors of premium aesthetic services providers (including spas, med spas, dermatologist practices and plastic surgeons) to become authorized resellers of Skinside Beauty Shots. All background information to sign up as a reseller is found at our Professionals page.

    Of course, you can reach us directly by pressing the prompt for Sales when calling our main number 305-742-5600 or email to us at info@skinside.us. We are actively hiring account reps who will be local to you and managing accounts like yours. They will review wholesale and retail pricing guidelines, delivery schedules, and staff training and ongoing account management issues.

  •  Q. What marketing / training support can I expect for successful sales at my location?
  • A. As noted in the Professionals page, Skinside provides each reseller location with, at a minimum:

    • Identification as an authorized reseller on our nationwide Location Finder page in which consumers enter their zip code and find your location
    • Identification of your location on our various social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter; we write a “welcome announcement” on these platforms to bring attention to your location(s) and encourage your clients to visit and buy Skinside from you
    • Well written, attractive Point of Sale brochure
    • 5’ tall pop-up banner available for Point of Sale to attract attention to your display of Skinside boxes and materials
    • Dedicated account representation, with reps being added nationally
    • Advertising in national publications including American Spa
    • Ongoing efforts to promote with video bloggers to encourage Skinside purchase
    • Ongoing public relations efforts to keep Skinside covered in US media channels
    • Educational marketing materials
    • Online marketing support database (in development)
    • Online ordering through designated portal using custom login (in development)
  •  Q.  Why should I add a liquid form collagen supplement to products I already sell? Will Skinside cannibalize sales of other products that sell well for me?What if I already sell collagen capsules or powders?
  • A. If you own or manage a spa, you know how important it is to strike a balance between the services you offer and products you sell to your clients. You cannot afford to keep products that sit unsold on your shelves indefinitely.

    You also know that replacing any brand or product at your location(s) typically costs you not only in terms of lost product revenue from unsold units, but also the investment you made in staff training and other soft costs. This financial loss could be substantial.

    The BIG advantage, besides the many inherent consumer benefits of using Skinside described throughout this site, is that you will NOT be forced to replace or displace any of the brands you currently sell in order to stock Skinside Beauty Shots. Skinside complements the topical products you might already be selling because Skinside operates from the INSIDE, supplementing and stimulating new collagen within the bloodstream exclusively at the level of the dermis. The topicals, even exclusive brands you might currently carry, are likely limited to functioning primarily at the level of the epidermis, or outermost skin layer.

    Drinking daily Beauty Shots will NOT interfere with your clients’ pre-existing routines of using certain skin serums, creams, moisturizers, or other topical products that you already sell to them. Skinside works in concert with these other products to reinforce those externally sourced effects from INSIDE the body.

    We liken your client’s purchase of Skinside to an “insurance policy” that not only performs and functions at its own high precision level, but also protects and reinforces the effects of the topical products they might already be using regularly.

    If you currently sell collagen capsules or powders at your location(s), then you already know the importance of supplementing the body’s progressively declining rate of collagen production. What you might not know is the multitude of reasons why the liquid form factor embodying Skinside Beauty Shots is both practically AND scientifically superior to these solid forms of collagen delivery.

    A full comparison of liquid versus solid forms is described in the question above asking “Why are Skinside drinkable Beauty Shots superior to both collagen capsules and powders?”

  •  Q.  I own / manage a med spa that performs aesthetic services like Ultherapy, chemical peels, and a range of fillers for patients. How does Skinside help these patients, and improve my margins in the process?
  • A. Many of our customers regularly visit their local medical professional for any variety of aesthetic services like fillers, chemical peels, or laser treatments to help build and maintain collagen reserves. We encourage those customers to keep doing these treatments if they experience great results in a safe way.

    As a medical professional, you know that all of these procedures work from the outside-in. Laser treatments like Ultherapy perform at the skin’s surface in the same function as Skinside in stimulating the body's production of new collagen. A natural, premium drinkable collagen supplement working from the INSIDE of the body reinforces the actions of these kinds of OUTSIDE medical procedures.

    If your patient has just invested $2,000-$5,000 or more in one or more of these office treatments, it makes great sense for them to invest less than $160 per month to ensure that the effects of these treatments linger as long as possible between office visits. Think of Skinside as your patients’ daily "insurance policy" to maintain the ongoing investment in the appearance that you have helped them reach.

    In making your patients look great, you and your medical practice and/or spa look even better because you’ve reinforced their investment in themselves. Their benefits ultimately translate to your benefits, because in their purchases of Skinside Beauty Shots, you have now created a new recurring revenue stream from the same client, and built further loyalty by adding value to your relationship.

  •  Q.  Does Skinside need refrigeration or other special handling at my location?
  • A.  Skinside Beauty Shots can be safely stored and displayed at room temperature, as long as the boxes avoid prolonged periods of excessive temperatures (>85 degrees F). No refrigeration, mixing, shaking, or any other special handling is required.

  •  Q.  How is shipping handled to my location(s)?
  • A. Your account rep will work with you on your specific delivery requirements when you place your order. Each shrink wrapped box of sixteen (16) Beauty Shots weighs 3.0 pounds (1.36 kg). Our central warehouse in Chicago, IL preps your order and drop ships directly to your location using UPS Ground, unless you need the product in a shorter time frame.

  •  Q.  How are subsequent orders handled after my first order of Skinside Beauty Shots?
  • A.  A. Your account rep will continue to manage your account and actively work with your staff to train and educate them on the benefits of Skinside Beauty Shots. We are building an internal database that will allow our resellers and account reps to be able to log in and place new orders, update orders, change delivery methods, update their profiles, and manage other account related activity.