The Science

"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

How true a statement! Each daily 60 ml (2 fl oz) Skinside Beauty Shot works inside your bloodstream, replenishing critical collagen that everyone starts to lose after age 30. Topical serums, creams and moisturizers, no matter how high quality or expensive they might be, typically work at the outermost level of the skin, the epidermis. Think of it as trying to prevent an aging roof on a house from caving in by only pulling up on the exposed tiles, and covering it with some waterproofing material. An additional reinforcing tactic is needed to complement the impact of the outer work.

The job of scientifically formulated Skinside Beauty Shots is to lift your roof's structure from inside the house. By supplementing AND stimulating your own body's natural levels of collagen production AT ANY AGE, Skinside cumulatively builds and maintains your skin's natural elasticity and texture at the level of the dermis, INSIDE your body. And not just skin on your face and neck where wrinkles and creases are most visible and undesirable, but skin covering your ENTIRE body.

The dermis is the skin level in which blood and oxygen circulate, and where collagen is produced and stored. The epidermis? No blood flow. Guess what? Our visible skin, the stratum corneum layer of the epidermis, is really just a shell that our mirrors reflect back to us and what we recognize as US. The real action and work to restore and maintain our skin into the supple, sexy youthful look we all desire is an INSIDE job.

Now you know that it's actually a SKINSIDE job.

Read about the scientific basis of how and why Skinside Beauty Shots works by reading the Skinside White Paper authored by Swiss formulator Dr. Pierre Schwaller.

Premium Formula

Triple Action Concept

Each daily Skinside Beauty Shot contains a precisely dosed 2500 mg of purified, patented collagen hydrolysates tested through scientific based studies to have significant bioactive and bioavailable properties and efficiency on reducing skin wrinkles and improving dermal matrix synthesis.

In order to enhance this proven efficiency, the development team of Skinside Beauty Shots developed a unique drinkable, great tasting beverage that integrates selected vitamins (including C, E, and B3) scientifically known and recognized for contributing to the healthy function and maintenance of normal skin, and for supporting their positive effect on collagen absorption in the dermal matrix.

In addition, the Skinside proprietary core formula contains pure Swiss milk serum, a whey derivative, adding even more skin-enhancing micro-nutrients to the bloodstream where they can do the most good. A single Beauty Shot contains less than a half gram of lactose, making it unlikely to adversely affect anyone with a known lactose intolerance.

We delve much deeper into the scientific how and why of Skinside’s unique formulation in the accompanying white paper.

And why is a drinkable formula like a Skinside Beauty Shot more effective than a comparable capsule or powder form? Besides the obvious convenience of a single perfectly complete daily supplement that happens to taste delicious (compared with the multiple capsules or scoops of powder you likely need to reach the same 2500 mg of collagen), the bioactive collagen peptides in Skinside have the benefit of already being HYDRATED in a water base.

In simple terms, Skinside's liquid form inherently has an advantage because it can pass through the stomach’s gastric juices and the small intestinal barrier more easily than solid forms. The 2500 mg dosage is also the ideal molecular size to work with the body’s natural flow and wind up in the dermis intact (compared to higher doses like 5000 or 8000 mg which are excessive and largely excreted from the body). Capsules often have enteric coatings that make them hard to digest easily, and by the time they are, the collagen within those capsules is often degraded.